In relating through the medium of the world, we are continually involved in a research into ourselves and into the ways of the world.” Robert Sardello, Love and The Soul of The World.
Now, how about a research into our research into ourselves and our world.

Published Research on the Three In One Concepts approach

Dr. Dominic Burke, Stories of Stress: Feeling, Thinking and The Flourishing of Life. Available from Dr. Dominic Burke

Sue Dawson, Assisting Healing By Reduction Of Stress, Using Three In One Concepts. An Evaluation of Clients’ Perceptions. Available from Sue Dawson.

He’s now
Dr Dominic Burke

Dominic has been awarded a Doctorate for his reseach project on assisting university students to resolve emotional stress overwhelm and to promote the flourishing of their lives. Central to the study is the BEHAVIORAL BAROMETER developed by Three In One Concepts

Here is a brief description of the research:
Dominic’s thesis used an individualised body/mind intervention to assist students resolve emotional stress overwhelm and facilitated the flourishing of life. A list of feeling words enabled the students to evoke narratives which explored the complex experiences of emotion and assisted them to make sense of their emotional reaction patterns. While researches into emotion and emotional stress have until recently been of observed behaviours, this research into the subjective components of emotions is a significant contribution to a first person research into the experiences of emotion. The thesis also contributes to the counselling field through its approach of identifying feelings rather than beliefs.

See here for a more extensive report on the study.

Copies of the thesis are available for purchase, and you may contact Dominic at
07 4634 5904

Books, for an introduction to Three in One Concepts

Gordon Stokes & Daniel Whiteside, Tools Of The Trade.
This is the manual for our first training course. It is informative, but to get the best benefit you will need to do the program with a Facilitator.