Dominic Burke PhDI am a retired counsellor formerly registered with the Australian Counselling Association and member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. The One Brain System integrates the various approaches in my work with individuals and in group workshops. I specialise in work with emotional stress and trauma, Energy Psychology and Mind/Body approaches.

My early education was in theology, philosophy and spirituality. This included an MA and post- graduate studies in philosophy at Loyola U in Chicago. From a philosophical perspective I became interested in body/mind/spirit approaches to health and wellbeing. I took basic Touch For Health in 1991 and Instructor Training with Mary Marks in 1982. In 1985 I began my One Brain training with Gordon Stokes and then Practitioner and Instructor Training in Edu-kinesthetics with the Dennisons in 1986.

Because of its complete and beautiful integration of theory and techniques I chose to specialise in the One Brain System. I taught this approach for 25 years and was a member of Three In One’s international faculty for 17 of those years.

We who use the One Brain System know its benefits and how powerfully it works. My PhD research was an opportunity to study its foundations and put together a theoretical context to explain it for myself in terms of current neuroscience and evolutionary biology. It was also an opportunity to integrate with the One Brain System the many areas or my education as well as current interests. This research has been recognised as a significant contribution to Energy Psychology,  Mind/Body approaches and to counselling.

That was a great learning journey for me and of course I intend to make available to others what I have learned to assist in resolving emotional stress and promoting a flourishing of life. I offer this assistance individually in client sessions as well as in group workshops.