Hello, I’m Anna McRobert

I think people are amazing, with many talents hidden within.  I’ve always been an observer and interested in what makes us tick, and how come, even with the best intentions, things go wrong.   Yet this interest didn’t help me decide what to do with my life – at first.

Then in 1981 I was introduced to Kinesiology and my world changed.  In 1984 at the Touch For Health conference in San Diego I met John Thie and Gordon Stokes and others.  From there it grew.   It was so exciting to find something that I connected with and resonated with so readily, something deep within myself.

It took me a while to start getting the depth that was offered in the Three in One Concepts programs.  I was in search of insight, understanding, meaning about life, and my role in it, to discover and know my strengths and what I can bring to the table, to find personal power and ability, and to build skills.  Have you ever gone in search of fulfillment?  Can you recognize any of what I was looking for?

Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside of Three in One provided me with tools and formats and raised questions about where I had gained my values, my beliefs, my expectations, what caused my stresses.  It became clear some of my beliefs worked for me, and remain useful to this day, and some were blocking new thinking and new ways to engage with life.

So the 3in1 defusion process cleared the way for me to see more, know more, and create more in my life that has sustained me, most especially on a mental, emotional and essential level.  These are the skills I pass on to clients in clinic and students at my workshops today.

It is a joy to pass on what I have learned and support people to progressively move from a life of disharmony and distress to one of insight and fulfillment.  And the best part is, I don’t have to know the answers for you, because they are already within you.  I show you how to bring them to the surface so you become aware of your hidden knowledge and creative ability, so you can solve problems with new insight, for you to create a life of new fulfillment.

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