At Three In One Concepts we believe that what stops us from resolving our problems, learning whatever we want to or having the life that we really want is Negative Emotional Stress or Self-Doubt on specific issues. Resolving the emotional cause releases all kinds of pain, even physical symptoms.

The core of our One Brain System consists of
A Philosophy that insists on the absolute value of each individual; each person is the absolute authority of his or her life. We are committed to doing the work gently with respect for the timing and priorities of the individual’s own learning and development.
The Behavioral Barometer which identifies accurately how we learned to sacrifice our truth and what we want in order to avoid emotional pain. Emotional reaction patterns keep us locked in our issues. The Barometer shows the choices that will change it all and permanently.
Structure/Function gives endless insights into how we sacrifice who we are by nature in order to fit into what we and others think we are. Looking in the mirror, with this kind of knowledge, can resolve life-long issues, including relationship conflicts.
Clear-Circuit Muscle Testing, with our Age Recession technique, allows us to attune to our own truth so that we can identify how we created our issues that block us, how we can resolve them. It’s our key to moving from Self-Doubt, through Self-Discovery to Self-Trust. A selection of techniques developed by Three In One, and others adapted from Specialised Kinesiology and other fields, used to release the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress, so that we come to freedom of choice

To the extent that we are in negative emotional stress, our present is being determined by our past. Our current stress overwhelm is caused mostly by memories, of painful or stressful events, that are not available to our awareness.

The One Brain System is designed to resolve our problems caused by conflicting beliefs, obsessive behaviours, the fears and pain we try to avoid dealing with. Negative Emotional Stress overwhelm guarantees that right now we are creating our future mostly based on what our past has been. That keeps us anxious about our future.

At Three In One Concepts, we believe that the most important thing to be doing right now is having a good time doing what is most life-giving for ourselves and others. That will also create the future we want.

In completing the three courses: Tools Of The Trade, Improve Learning Awareness (Basic One Brain) and Under The Code, you have the basics of the One Brain System