How do we clean up what’s holding us back from having our heart’s desire.
The trick is to get clear about what’s holding us back.

What’s holding us back: The need to be important in other peoples’ eyes undermines our own truth and self-expression.
we avoid noticing or dealing with–not just our own fears, but other people’s fears as well: fears of feeling our emotions, fears of other people’s judgments or non-acceptance, fears of changing our beliefs about ourselves, and more. . . .
long held beliefs, the influence of others’ beliefs on us as well as the ones we have picked up: beliefs we don’t even realise are determining our behaviour and beliefs that are so stuck that we couldn’t even think that we could believe differently.
learned coping behaviours that helped us survive in the past, and they worked then; reliance on them now keeps us thinking that the present is always a repeat of the past.

Have we given up considering that we can be creative with our own life? Have we learned, through disappointment or discouragement, or what other people say, to expect the “inevitable”

What our heart desires:
Do we know what that is? Do we consider our heart any more?

Perhaps it’s more satisfying work, managing the home or money better, healthier relationships, better physical health, more self-trust, learning an art or skill, having a more life-giving environment. If we could believe that we can create or receive what our heart desires, would our heart not desire and have more? Do we dare?

What we don’t rely on:
Just talking about our troubles the way we always have doesn’t resolve them. Our beliefs limit what we think and say. While talking out our problems does make us feel better, it seems to do little towards resolving them. They come back to show themselves time and time again when we are stressed.
Rely on the opinion or expertise of someone who is supposed to have the answers is not enough. Everyone can have their opinion, but who really knows us?

What we do rely on is our own discernment:
This is facilitated by some remarkable new skills, the most important being The Behavioral Barometer, Structure/Function, and Clear Circuit Muscle Testing. It is important to be able to trust our own discernment.

When we assist others, one to one or in a group, we rely always on the individual’s own discernment assisted by those same remarkable skills.

Our “One Brain” System
This training develops an integrated and systematic use of knowledge and skills for the management of stress and change so that participants and their clients may make enriching and more successful choices in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

The knowledge comes from classical philosophy, Western, Chinese and Egyptian, common sense and recent brain research. The skills are developed from various fields such as kinesiology, psychodrama and counselling, education, Chinese Medicine, and “complementary” health care fields.

Stress overwhelm makes clear thinking and so, self-initiated change, impossible. Long term stress overwhelm causes stress breakdown– physical, mental and emotional. Thus the need for a comprehensive and systematic approach.
See more on our  “One Brain” system.

Three In One Concepts has been developing its training since the early 1980s, and presenting it around the world ever since. It was introduced to Australia in 1985. All of the training has been available in Australia, presented by local Instructors, Advanced Trainers, and local and visiting Faculty Members.