Welcome to Three In One Australia.

We represent the Instructors and Consultants trained in the
One Brain System
developed by Three In One Concepts

The One Brain System was created to assist people to resolve
emotional stress overwhelm that disrupts learning in any area
of life, personal or professional. It works for improving
academic learning as well as for healthy relationships.

Personal learning and development opportunities.
No special training is needed to begin.
You can start at the beginning and go as far as you wish with the training.

Focus on your fulfilment of your essential purpose in this life
(1) Emotional overwhelm obstructs our personal development and expression.
(2) Improve self.understanding–who you are as the individual that you are.

Emotional reaction patterns can control our lives when we are over-stressed.
Most likely they have been doing this since childhood.
We find that we keep doing what we wish we wouldn’t and not doing what we want.
Emotional reactions perpetuate doubts about our self-worth and what we can do with our lives.

The methods offered in this training enhance self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Skills learned here make it much easier for you to learn anything you are interested in.
This is a simple and gentle way of getting to the bottom of, and correcting, the mistakes in learning that have created our ongoing problems that cause physical, mental and emotional pain.

Professional training

Two brilliant tools for doing that are the Behavioral Barometer and Structure/Function.
The “One Brain System” is a marvellous approach to learning to manage stress and change and for enhancing performance in any area of life.

Those who do this work do so because of the personal benefits.
Many also do it as professional training. There are basic and advanced training for consultants of private sessions and for instructors of workshops.

What our “One Brain System” does:

We specialise in assisting you to Focus, Clarify and Defuse Obstructions to the Fulfilment of Your Essential Purpose in this Life. This involves methods to make learning easier and more complete for anyone in any area of life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have again the delight and fascination for learning as a child, especially for learning about ourselves and others and our world. What a pity we lost that, the delight and interest in learning and doing what we are here for.
We can have it again.

It’s just as easy to learn to be successful in any area of life as it is to learn to be unsuccessful. However, it is not easy to change the learning we have had in the past--the old habits, long-held beliefs, compulsive behaviours and coping behaviours.

At Three In One Concepts we believe we have a system and a set of skills that make it as easy, as it possibly can be, to end the behaviours we don’t want and to have the ones we do want.

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