Yvette Miley

In 1994, my life started to improve with the help of Dominic Burke & Three in One Concepts, which dealt with my conscious, subconscious and body levels. I feel healthier and more relaxed now!

The first 29 years of my life. I was very ill suffering whopping cough, glandular fever, tonsillitis & I was eventually diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).  I refused to take the medication-(anti-depressants). I am so grateful I discovered how to help myself without drugs! I had my first Three in One session because I was emotionally, physically & mentally drained.  I was desperate for HELP! The results were amazing.

In 1996, I decided to study for my own self-development. I have completed all the qualifications offered in Australia. I am an Advanced Instructor and Advanced Facilitator. I have been practising for over 10 years now helping people to improve the quality of their lives.

I have also studied Electronics Engineering, Small Business Management & I have my Real Estate Licence. In 2005, I completed my Certificate IV in Counselling and Communications at the university ACAP, NSW. I am currently completing my BA in Social Science at ACAP. I am also a practitioner of other helpful modalities that include: Facial Harmony Body Balancing, Thought Field Therapy, Theta Healing and Myofacial Release (cranial/sacral) balancing.  I am a medium with psychic abilities. Readings are for guidance only. However, most clients enjoy a double session that includes a psychic reading and then a balancing to release old unwanted blockages to balance the body, mind and spirit.

I am really keen to pass on what I have learned with this work, so that you too can experience the freedom of CHOICE.

You can contact me by phone for individual sessions or study the internationally acclaimed Three in One Concepts-kinesiology courses.

Self-empowerment is the key to happiness. I love helping others help themselves through Three in One Concepts.

You can contact me:-